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Overjoyed Smart Magpie Lamp


Smart Magpie Lamp,Bring a Joyful Glow to Your Room. This lamp features two magpies in a tree, and an egg on the base. One of the magpies will light up automatically when you come near in the dark. Both the magpies and the egg can be used individually. This Smart Magpie Lamp will brighten up and bring joy into your home.

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Overjoyed Magpie Bird Human Body Intelligent Induction Led Night Light, Rechargeable Balance Wall Light, Wardrobe Table Lamp

Product name: Smart magpie lamp
Average service life: 5000h
Light source power: 0.5W
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Light source type: led light
Material: natural log+ABS+PC+silicone
Product size: 300*180*180mm
Packing size: 320*195*195mm
Single net weight: 1KG
Gross weight: 1.3KG
Rating voltage: 5V1A
Battery: built-in lithium battery
Battery capacity: 50mah
Sensing distance: 4 meters
Color temperature: 3200k
Sensing angle: 110 degrees
Accessories: charging cable + 2 3M glue + 2 wall stickers + tree pole + manual + certificate + 2 birds + 2/1 eggs (according to configuration)
Options: 2 Black Magpies and an Egg,2 Black Magpies and 2 Eggs, 2 Red Magpies and 2 Eggs

Magpie Shaped USB Charging LED Table Lamp 0.5W Intelligent Human Body Induction Night Light Desk Lamp Romantic Bedroom Bedside Night Lamp

1. Why can’t the two perching birds on the branch light up at the same time?
Answer: Since the perching bird light is light sensing + human body sensing, when one perching bird (in the dark) senses the human body to automatically light up, the other perching bird will not light up after sensing the light. You can use a perching bird with a wall sticker and apply it elsewhere.
2. If I want to light up at the same time, can it be achieved?
Answe: You can buy our newly launched Happy Happy Edition, which can touch the lights to light up two perching birds at the same time.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 20 cm

2 Black Magpies and an Egg, 2 Black Magpies and 2 Eggs, 2 Red Magpies and 2 Eggs

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