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USB Crystal Cactus Humidifier

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1. Small and light, anytime, anywhere: suitable for home, office, and vehicle application scenarios.
2. Atomization and humidification, three major upgrades: Nano fine mist, deeply moisturize the skin. Brings full nourishment and moisturizing, and skin is rejuvenated.
3. Colorful breathing atmosphere lights: create an atmosphere, and a variety of colors change at will.
4. Ultra-quiet design: Ultrasonic atomizing film is used to humidify in silence.
5. Small body, low power consumption: it takes up little desktop space, is powered by a universal USB interface, and is flexible to use.

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Iregee Transparent Acrylic Landscape Cactus Humidifier, Portable Mini USB Humidifier for Desktop Office, Portable Night Light Car Humidifier

Mini USB Cool Mist Humidifiers, Cactus Humidifier with Night Light for Desk, 160ml Portable Air Diffuser for Bedroom, Office, Babies, Home, Travel, Waterless Auto-off

New upgraded larger spray, quiet maternal and child-level humidification, delicate and moisturizing skin.
The palm size does not take up any space, it can be used in various scenes anytime and anywhere, and it will be a decorative landscape when you put it in your hand.
Easily moisturize skin in dry weather, moisturize the air in dry weather and air-conditioned environment to improve dry skin,
Contribute to a better mental state of life.

Product name: USB Crystal Cactus Humidifier
Material: ABS/Clear + ABS/Silicone
Rated power: 1.5w
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated current: 1A
Input interface: DC3.5
Spray time: 4 hours by default
Lamp time: 1 hour by default
Water capacity: 160ml(Max)
Product size: 120*45*93mm
Product weight: 145g

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6 cm

ABS/Clear + ABS/Silicone

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