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Waterproof Wireless Sonic Electric Toothbrush


1. Small size, with a protective cover: Compared with the traditional electric toothbrush, the volume is reduced by more than 15%.
2. Time zone change reminder: Scientific brushing, 30s zone change reminder, 2min stop brushing.
3. Inductive wireless charging: Place the toothbrush on the charging base to quickly charge.
4. IPX7 waterproof, worry-free use: the whole body can be washed without fear of moisture, and it is more comfortable to use.
5. Brushless sonic motor, gingival protection bristles: efficient cleaning, care for oral health.

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Iregee Portable Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Fully Automatic Waterproof Wireless Induction Charging Toothbrush, Adult Soft Bristled Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Automatic Waterproof Wireless Induction Charging Adult Soft Electric Toothbrush

Simple design, high-efficiency magnetic levitation and strong power, which are efficiently transmitted to the brush head, giving you a more comfortable sensory experience, 3 care modes: cleaning, whitening, and care mode, you can choose as you like; equipped with an inductive wireless charging base, convenient and fast; 30-second smart zone change reminder to develop a scientific habit of brushing; using advanced technology 3D round toothbrush, more intimate care; IPX7 waterproof, brushless sonic motor, crescendo start to prevent splashing.

Product name: sonic electric toothbrush
Color options: white/green/pink
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 2W
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Packing data: single 109g/(400g with packaging), L225*φ27.2mm

Package details:
Exquisite packaging box*1;
Toothbrush body *1;
Toothbrush head*1;
Toothbrush storage protective cover*1;
Motor transparent cover*1;
Inductive charging base*1;
Instruction Manual*1

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 4 × 4 cm

white, pink, green


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